Syloken is a progressive rock band based in Norman, OK, USA.


John Thomas (vocals, bass, guitar)
Chris McDaniel (guitar)
Brendan Furneaux (keys, electric cittern, hand drums, vocal)
Alex Hake (guitar, bass, vocal)
Zach Hollandsworth (drums)

Others who have graced Syloken in the past :
Dexter Ford(Bass guitar 2011-2012), Ben Carter(Bass guitar 2005-2007), Chase Spivey(Drums 2005), Christopher Crouch(Guitar 2005)

The Almost Complete History...more or less.

The group was founding by John Thomas in 2004 as a solo recording project. The self released album "Kyusai" which only featured John in the studio set the frame work for the band that would come to be.
Syloken 1.0 was formed to play 2 shows in the spring of 2005. The group featured John on vocals, Ben Carter on bass, Chase Spivey(Ghost of Monkshood/FRMR)on Drums, Brendan Furneaux on electric cittern and Chris Crouch on guitar. The group was reformed in January 2006 replacing Chris Crouch with Chris McDaniel(Ghost of Monkshood/Gaea Spore/FRMR) and Zach Hollandsworth replacing Chase on Drums. This 6 piece version of the band played several shows from 2006-2007 and started recording a new full length album before Ben Carter left the band leaving John to take up the bass duties. The 5 piece band continued to play live from 2008-2009.
In August 2009 the "Life, Love, and the Birth of the Digital Flower" album was released (Zanzibar! Records). Shortly afterward Alex Hake moved to France for a year during which the 4 remaining members focused on other projects and only performed once. John had started playing bass for the band Zebre, Chris was busy starting a new band (FRMR) with Chase Spivey, Zach was finishing college and Brendan had a 1 year old daughter. After Alex returned in late 2010 the band got back on track playing live and writing new material.
By 2011 the 5 piece was back to playing live and in April the Brendan Furneaux composition "Flying Carpet" was released on the 2011 Zanzibar! Records sampler. In the August of 2011 Dexter Ford joined Syloken to fill the bass guitar duties. This opened John up to focusing more on vocals as well as adding the element of acoustic guitar to the live set. Dexter played 3 shows with the band including Norman Music Fest 2012 and also played on the recording for "See in the Dark" (which was released on the 2012 Zanzibar! Records sampler). Dexter left the group to do "other things" in May 2012.
After the departure of Dexter Syloken decided to step back from playing live to spend more time refining its sound. In 2013 Syloken started converting its practice space (aka John's garage) into The Rabbit Hole Studio. From the Rabbit Hole the band has been able to record and film live performances and release them Online via This has allowed Syloken to highlight some of the more subtle aspects of the music that would often get lost in the local live venues as well as allowed them to reach a larger audience thanks to the world wide availability of the Internet. The first of the Rabbit Hole performances was released in October 2013(The performance features Syloken as a 4 piece as it was recorded while Alex was briefly living out of state). In December 2013 Syloken made its one appearance for the year at the Deli (Norman, OK) playing with friends The Blood. Fans who attended the show seem to agree that it was the best Syloken performance to date.
2014 started with upgrades to the Rabbit Hole Studio and Syloken is now currently working on recording a 3rd full length album at the Rabbit Hole and plan to release it late 2014. Also planned to be released in 2014 is a collection of live performances from the Rabbit Hole.



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