2014-04-08 Live at the Deli (Norman, OK)
w/SK Love and Mike Black

2013-12-10 Live at the Deli (Norman, OK)
w/The Blood

2013-08-04 Live from the Rabbit Hole (web video)

2012-10-07 Live from the OU SET (web video)

2012-06-12 Live at the Deli (Norman, OK)
W/ Moon

2012-04-28 Live at Norman Music Fest 5 (Norman, OK) Early in the day Alex became a father, later we closed the night on the Merrybelles Stage.

2011-09-16 Live at the Opolis (Norman, OK)
w/The Great American Jug Band, John Brakefield and the Hangovers, DJ Arty P, and DJ Sunbeat

2011-04-29 Live at Norman Music Fest 4 (Norman, OK) on the Zanzibar! Stage

2011-02-18 Live at The Opolis(Norman, OK)

2011-01-22 Live at the Red Room(Norman, OK)

2011-01-07 Live a the Campaign for Real Music VI
at the Opolis (Norman, OK)

2010-10-29 Live at The Hidden Castle
(Norman, OK)
W/FRMR, Brother Grusome, and the Wash

2010-05-21 Live at Bora Bora (OKC, OK)
w/Aquahead, Wales and Purple, and Mordant Messanger

2009-08-29 Live at the Speakeasy (OKC, OK)
CD Release w/Zebre

2009-08-04 Live at the Deli (Norman, OK)

2009-07-18 Live at Sauced (OKC, OK)
w/Extra Ginger

05-26-09 Live at Queen of Sheba (OKC, OK)
w/ I & I

05-02-09 Live at VZD's (OKC, OK)
w/ Zebre

04-18-09 Live at Lake Thunderbird
improve jam session....

03-12-09 Live at The Deli(Norman, OK)
Fare Trade Carnival featuring:
Whiskey Trio, Extra Ginger, Zebre, Syloken, Thumper, and Galapagos

02-28-09 Live at Sauced (OKC, OK)
w/ Captain Eyeball

02-27-09 Live at Universe City (Norman, OK)
w/ I & I

01-23-09 Live at Bora Bora (OKC, OK)
w/Zebre and Sleepless Continuum

01-20-09 Live at The HiLo (OKC, OK)
w/Klipspringer and The Ethereals

12-06-08 Live at Uptown United (OKC, OK)

10-21-08 Live at the HiLo (OKC, OK)
w/ Zebre

09-27-08 Zanzibar Fest
at The Earth Natural Food Store(Norman, OK)
w/Ghost of Monkshood, Zebre, Roger Roger, Early Beat, The Gunship, Asleep Audience Dream, Circe, Doug Radder, Thom Proctor, Penny Hill, Death Throws of a Moth

07-05-08 Live at Pepe Delgado's (Norman, OK)
w/The Venditos and Doug Radder

06-14-08 Live at The Speakeasy (OKC, OK)
w/Asleep Audience Dream and Sassy Goose

05-31-08 Live at Sauced ( OKC, OK)

05-30-08 Live at VZD's (OKC, OK)
w/ The Dog Band

05-21-08 Live at the Deli (Norman, OK)
w/The Keystone Cowboys

05-17-08 Live at Pepe Delgado's (Norman, OK)
w/The Proprietors of the Earth and Doug Rader

05-04-08 Zanzibar Fest
at The Earth Natural Food Store (Norman, OK)
w/Ghost of Monkshood, Zebre, Magnificent Bird and The Proprietors of the Earth

04-05-08 Live at Thunderbird Lake (Norman, OK)
Clean up the Lake Day

02-29-08 Live at Sauced (OKC, OK)

02-02-2008 Live at Galileo's (OKC, OK) w/Magnificent Bird (Too Much Sun EP Release)

09-20-2007 Live at Pepe Delgado’s (Norman, OK). W/Zebre

06/22/2007 - Studio 360 (Norman, OK) w/Zebre and Death Throws of a Moth (First Project Z Experiment)

01/12/2007 - The Deli (Norman, OK) w/ The Golden Ladder (GL CD Release Party)

11/26/2006 - Live at The Blue Moon (OKC, OK) W/The Zebre Triplets, Bonge Meets the Sky, Rachel Tison, and Balthazar

11/10/2006 - Studio 360 (Norman, OK) w/Roy Griffin, The Living Daylights, Golden Ladder, Ghost of Monkshood and Klipspringer

10/28/2006 - Andrews Park (Norman, OK) the 20th Anniversary of Groovefest

10/13/2006 - IAO Gallery (Oklahoma City, OK)Supporting the performance art show Spirit Flight

05/26/2006 - The Deli (Norman, OK) w/Ghost of Monkshood

05/01/2006 - Live at the Free Mart outside in the field by the Green briar field (Norman, OK)

04/14/2006 - Pepe Delgado's (Norman, OK) w/The Golden Ladder

04/07/2006 - Pepe Delgado's (Norman, OK) w/Doug Rader and Roy Griffin

03/25/2006 - Sunny's House (Norman, OK) First show with Syloken 2.0!

05/07/2005 - Buzz's Subs (Norman, OK) w/Ghost of Monks-hood, The Gunship, and The Needles

05/06/2005 - Mr. Bills (Norman, OK) w/The Gunship