Life in Motion (Live from the Rabbit Hole 6/22/2014)

Civilized (Live from the Rabbit Hole 6/22/2014)

See In the Dark (Live From the Rabbit Hole 3/16/2014)

Making Flowers (Live From the Rabbit Hole 3/16/2014)

3 song Set "Dancing on Eggshells", "New Life" and "Echopathic" (live from the Rabbit Hole 8/6/2013)

New Life (Live on OU TV's The Set October 2012)

Too Much Sunshine and Flying Carpet (Live at the Deli 6/12/2012)

Morning Song (Live at the Opolis 9/16/2011)

New Life (Live from the Opolis 9/16/2011)

Break The Mold (Live at the Opolis 2/18/2011)

Civilized (live at the Opolis 2/18/2011)

Endless Beginings (Live at Bora Bora 5/21/2010)

Morning Song (album version w/video cut from the Red Room Januray 2011)

Too Much Sunshine (Official video directed by Ben Lindesmith 2006)

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